Mikey Ratcliffe

Tenement Manager

Mikey Ratcliffe joined AMETS in March 2021. Mikey previously worked with the Mines Department of WA as a customer service officer at the Leonora Office. Originally from the UK, Mikey moved over to Australia in 2017 and started fresh into the Western Australia Mines Department in April 2019. He has a strong background in customer service, previously working as an outdoor pursuits instructor for many years.

Since working at the Leonora office, Mikey has been exposed to a multitude of processes from the Wardens court, to how tenement applications and dealings are processed within WA.

His knowledge of Mineral Titles Online and Tengraph web is of great benefit to both clients and colleagues. In his spare time, Mikey has a deep passion for photography, both drone and DSLR-based.

Mikey is supporting Western Australian and Northern Territory Tenement Managers.