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Tasmanian Government budget boosts exploration

19/9/20201 - The Tasmanian Government has boosted mining in its Budget for 2021-22 with further investment in the Exploration Drilling Grant Initiative and the Geoscience Initiative. The former initiative will receive $1.5 million to stimulate greenfields drilling projects, while the latter will receive $2M to better understand regional mineral systems. AMETS have consultants that specialise in Tasmanian tenement acquisition and management and are in an excellent position to assist miners and explorers with applications for approval for mining and exploration. Minister for Primary Industries and Water, Guy Barnett, said investments of this kind were integral to the state’s economy. “Mining is our highest value export and for all those who oppose our well-regulated industry.” Round five for the Exploration Drilling Grant initiative saw approximately $780,000 go to 16 projects in drilling and exploration. The EDGI program provides up to $50,000 for direct drilling costs and $20,000 for helicopter support. Barnett described the breadth of work being undertaken using the grants. “These projects will involve more than 12KM of exploration drilling. By opening the program to existing sites we are providing the opportunity to salvage even more valuable minerals like gold, copper, zinc, tin or iron from already developed sites which would have reasonably modest restart costs and lead-in time if the exploration results prove positive.”

Lithium Mining is booming

15/9/2021 - Electric Vehicle (EV) sales are growing and will represent at least 25 percent of the global fleet by 2030, up from a small percentage of all cars on the road today. The lithium-ion battery has emerged as the favourite for performance and durability. So, with demand for EVs comes an equal demand for batteries. With growing demand, a surge in lithium exploration and production is being seen across Australia. Australia, South America and China produce most of the world’s lithium. There are advances that help mitigate land disruption, environmental impact and water use, and risk management technologies that AMETS use to manage community relations and related risk. The key to any growing commodity demand is to build a process for providing transparency and accountability for all stakeholders. When production ramps up on site, ensure your stakeholder engagement processes align with these changes and be at the forefront of changes to environmental and mining legislation and your obligations For information surrounding stakeholder management and your relevant state obligations, contact Holly on 0447677530 or