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Application NumberLocationClick here to view details about the submissions close date at Earth ResourcesFurther Details
EL00764621km southwest of Edenhope, 15km northwest of Dergholm.4 August 2021Click here to view PDF
EL007297Approximately 5km northeast of Erica including town of Walhalla.3 August 2021Click here to view PDF
EL007300Approximately 4km east of Erica including town of Coopers Creek.3 August 2021Click here to view PDF
EL0076668km east of Lexton, including town of
TBAClick here to view PDF
EL0076685km east and 9km south of St Arnaud, including town of CarapooeeTBAClick here to view PDF

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As a participant in the Mineral and Petroleum Exploration and Production Industry of some 27 years, and with the advantage of having been previously involved professionally with both you and your senior staff, I had no hesitation in contacting you when an urgent situation arose that I needed assistance with on behalf of a Client.
Hilary Dodds
Mining Title Administration