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Leanne Brock

Managing Director

Cristel Donovan

Senior Tenement Manager

Holly Edgar

Geologist/Senior Tenement Manager

Tamara Grothues

Senior Tenement Manager

Tanya Badenhorst

Geologist/Senior Tenement Manager

Danielle Alchin

Tenement Manager

Nina Mas

Senior Tenement Manager

Melissa Say

Geologist/Senior Tenement Manager

Marika Cox

Tenement Officer

Holly McVicar

Project Manager

Shaun Anderson

Geoservices Specialist

John Howard

Reporting Geologist/GIS Mapping

Robyn Kelly

Tenement Manager

Loren Egan

Tenement Manager

Clare Briscoe

Tenement Officer

Belinda Ingram

Tenement Officer

Mikey Ratcliffe

Tenement Officer

Kim Turner


Trevor Smith

Tenement Officer

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Technical Reporting

Due Diligence


What our Clients Say

AMETS has been Arafura Resources’ mineral tenement manager since 2008. In that time, AMETS has managed in excess of forty of Arafura’s exploration and mining tenements in the Northern Territory, including those covering JORC mineral resources at Nolans Bore and Mt Porter. AMETS has and continues to provide a highly professional range of services, including expert advice on relevant legislation and regulations, and a practical understanding of mining and environmental regulator processes. Arafura has no hesitation in recommending AMETS to potential clients seeking timely, efficient, and competent land management services.
Richard Brescianini
Arafura Resources Ltd