AMETS Team Update – TAS

As we approach the end of another remarkable year, we are pleased to share some highlights and achievements from the AMETS Tasmanian Team. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has been evident throughout the year, and we are excited to celebrate the progress made in various areas.

Tamara Grothues

Principal Tenement Manager  |  TAS

Rebecca Hill

HSE | Tenement Manager

Promotion of Rebecca Hill to Tenement Manager

Early in the year, we proudly announced the well-deserved promotion of Rebecca Hill to the position of Tenement Manager. Rebecca has been instrumental in overseeing and managing the Tasmanian client portfolios, demonstrating exceptional dedication and leadership.

Expansion of the Tasmanian Portfolio

In 2023, the Tasmanian Portfolio experienced significant growth in our client numbers with an increase of 50%. This expansion is a testament to the trust our clients place in us and the confidence they have in our ability to deliver high-quality services.

Enhancing Public Perception

AMETS has actively collaborated with our clients throughout the year to enhance the public perception of exploration and mining on landholdings. We understand the importance of responsible and sustainable practices, and our efforts aim to contribute positively to the communities we operate in.

Collaboration with Department and Stakeholders

Our team has been working closely with the Department and explorers/miners to improve land access processes. Ensuring compliance at all stages is a priority for us, and we believe that transparent and collaborative relationships with stakeholders are essential for the success of our client’s projects. 

Expanded Services

In response to evolving client needs, we’ve expanded our Tenement Management & Geoservices offerings, which are available Australia Wide.



Tenement Management

Monitoring & Acquisition

Land Access

Safety / Risk Management Systems

Due Diligence

Native Title & Cultural Heritage

Project Marketing

Admin Support Services

Technical Reporting

GIS Mapping

Drilling Approvals

Data Management

As we reflect on these achievements, we also recognise the challenges that come with our industry. The dedication and hard work of our team, along with the support of our clients and partners, have been crucial in overcoming these challenges. 

Looking ahead to the coming year, we are excited about the opportunities for growth, innovation, and continued collaboration. Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering, and we look forward to achieving even greater milestones together. 

If you would like to discuss your Tenement Management or Geoservices requirements, contact our Tasmanian Principal Tenement Manager, Tamara Grothues, on [email protected] or 0447 715 635. 

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