AMETS Team Update – SA

As we reflect on the year that was, the AMETS South Australian Team has been bustling with activity, overcoming challenges, embracing growth and fostering connections within the industry and community. 

Tanya Badenhorst

Principal Tenement Manager
NSW & SA | Geologist 

Rebecca Hill

HSE | Tenement Manager

AMETS Changes: Shaping the Future

Rebecca Hill’s Rise
We are delighted to share that Rebecca Hill was promoted early in the year to the role of Tenement Manager. Rebecca continues to adeptly manage the majority of SA client portfolios, bringing her expertise and leadership to the forefront. 

Welcome Jemma Carter
Our team has expanded with the addition of Jemma Carter, who joined us as a Tenement Officer. Jemma’s arrival is a testament to the growing SA client base and our commitment to providing premium service. 

Client Portfolio Growth
Throughout 2023, our South Australian portfolio has experienced significant growth, welcoming four new clients. We’re grateful for the trust our clients place in us and look forward to nurturing these partnerships. 

Government Changes: Navigating Uncertainty with Expertise 

The changes introduced by the Amended Mining Act 1971 and Mining Regulations 2020 have created uncertainty for our clients. At AMETS, we are actively working with clients to provide guidance and suitable outcomes. High-level discussions with government and AMEC are ongoing, hoping for amendments to the finite 18-year tenement life. 

Roles in Industry: Active Participation and Collaboration 

AMEC Committee Meetings
AMETS remains engaged by attending AMEC committee meetings, contributing insights on regulatory issues in South Australia. 

Women in Resources Networking
Our team actively participates in Women in Resources networking events, fostering collaboration with like-minded women in the industry and gaining insights from inspiring keynote speakers. 

Events: Staying Informed and Connected 

DEMs Roundtable
Rebecca represented AMETS at the DEMs Roundtable for Energy Resources in South Australia, ensuring our team stays informed with developments in the Petroleum sector. 

AMEC Networking Events
Throughout the year, our staff attended various AMEC networking events, facilitating valuable connections within the industry. 

GSSA Discovery Day
Rebecca Hill attended the GSSA Discovery Day, staying informed on new state discoveries and industry developments. 

SAEMC Sponsorship
Our commitment to industry events continues, with AMETS being a proud sponsor of the SAEMC. Rebecca and Tanya managed a booth for the day, fostering connections and showcasing our support. 

Community Events: Supporting Local Initiatives

In 2023, AMETS extended support to the local community as our Principal Tenement Manager, Tanya Badenhorst, was given flexibility in working hours to coach and be Team Manager for a school Pedal Prix team, proudly sponsored by AMETS.

Expanded Services

In response to evolving client needs, we’ve expanded our Tenement Management & Geoservices offerings, which are available Australia Wide.



Tenement Management

Monitoring & Acquisition

Land Access

Safety / Risk Management Systems

Due Diligence

Native Title & Cultural Heritage

Project Marketing

Admin Support Services

Technical Reporting

GIS Mapping

Drilling Approvals

Data Management

As we conclude 2023, we express our gratitude for your continued support. Here’s to a successful year and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead! 

If you would like to discuss your Tenement Management or Geoservices requirements, whether in South Australia or Australia Wide, contact our SA Principal Tenement Manager, Tanya Badenhorst, on [email protected] or 0436 033 192. 

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